If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

If there is no immediate physical danger, but you still need emotional support and/or crisis intervention, call the Care Crisis Line at 988, 1-800-584-5578, or 425-258-4357 for 24/7 support. If you feel you need an immediate mental health assessment for your child, the Care Crisis Line is your point of contact. They will help you determine your next steps and resources.

If you are searching for housing and services, Snohomish County has a centralized referral system for housing and support services. If you need help with housing, food, clothing, utilities, rent, childcare, healthcare, legal assistance, or any other basic need, a great place to start is by calling 211 for 24/7 support. They will advise you on what resources exist in the community and refer you to the appropriate organization.